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'''Vallabhbhai Jhaverbhai Patel''' {{nym}}, más conocíu como '''Sardar Patel''' ([[31 d'ochobre]] de [[1875]], [[Nadiad]], [[Guyarat]] - [[15 d'avientu]] de [[1950]], [[Bombay]]) foi un [[políticu]] de la [[India]].
Educáu nel so país d'orixe, estableció'l so propiu [[despachu d'abogaos]] en [[1900]] y dempués estudió lleis nel [[Reinu Uníu de Gran Bretaña ya Irlanda|Reinu Uníu]]; viéndose envueltu na política hasta [[1917]]. Al igual que [[Mohandas Gandhi]] (y a diferencia de [[Jawaharlal Nehru]]), defendió'l estatus de dominiu dientro de la [[Mancomunidá Británica de Naciones]] en cuenta de la independencia pa la India.
In 1909, Patel's wife Jhaverba was hospitalised in Mumbai (then Bombay) to undergo a major surgical operation for cancer. Her health suddenly worsened and despite successful emergency surgery, she died in the hospital. Patel was given a note informing him of his wife's demise as he was cross-examining a witness in court. According to others who witnessed, Patel read the note, pocketed it and continued to intensely cross-esamine the witness and won the case. He broke the news to others only after the proceedings had ended. Patel himself decided against marrying again. He raised his children with the help of his family and sent them to English-medium schools in Mumbai. At the age of 36, he journeyed to England and enrolled at the Middle Temple Inn in London. Finishing a 36-month course in 30 months, Patel topped his class despite having non previous college background. Returning to India, Patel settled in the city of Ahmedabad and became one of the city's most successful barristers. Wearing European-style clothes and urbane mannerisms, he also became a skilled bridge player. Patel nurtured ambitions to expand his practise and accumulate great wealth and to provide his children with modern education. He had also made a pact with his brother Vithalbhai to support his entry into politics in the Bombay Presidency, while Patel himself would remain in Ahmedabad and provide for the family. -->
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