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[[Estrabón]] na so Xeografía (V,2) citando a [[Antíclides]] atribúi a los [[pelasgos]] de Lemnos y Imbros una fundación compartida en Etruria.<ref>Myres JL. "A history of the Pelasgian theory" ''[[The Journal of Hellenic Studies]]'', 1907, pp. 169-225 [http://www.archive.org/stream/journalofhelleni27sociuoft#page/214/mode/1up s. 16 {Pelasgians and Tyrrhenians)] Strabo: " And again, Anticleides says that they (the Pelasgians) were the first to settle the regions round about Lemnos and Imbros, and indeed that some of these sailed away to Italy with Tyrrhenus the son of Atys" (public domain translation by H.L. Jones at [http://penelope.uchicago.edu/Thayer/Y/Roman/Texts/Strabo/5B*.html Lacus Curtius]).</ref>
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