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===Military strength===
Military strength is a term that describes a [[quantification]] or reference to a nation's standing military forces or the capacity for fulfillment of that military's role. For example, the military strength of a given country could be interpreted as the number of individuals in its [[armed forces]], the destructive potential of its [[arsenal]], or both. For example, while [[People's Liberation Army|China]] and [[Military of India|India]] maintain the largest armed forces in the world, the [[OU.S. Military]] is considered to be one of the world's strongest, although the certainty of such a claim cannot be ascertained without a detailed analysis of opposing military forces in relation to one another as well as taking into account the field(s) of [[battle]] and [[military tactics|tactics]] used in such a conflict. [[Israel]] as well has also been described as the best trained and best operating army in the world, although they are small they are said to make up for it with their intense, elite training and their loyalty and dedication. The Israeli Air Force has widely been considered as the greatest in the world. Israel has, on occasion, even trained American Air Force fighter pilots, as well as staging Israel vs. US aerial 'laser' dog-fights in which Israeli pilots have 'shot down' more than twenty times as many jet fighter planes as the US 'shot down'.
===Military force===
### Commando raids were exceptionally successful, such as in figuring out how [[German Radar]] functioned, so as to get the correct dimensions for [[Chaff]] to [[Forgery|Spoof]] it, but they were trumpeted as failures so as not to tip off [[German Military Intelligence]] about the purpose of the raids.
## In [[Nazi Germany]] non reputable [[Aryan]] wanted to have anything to do with science that had been invented by a Jew. This is one reason why [[Hitler]] never developed the [[Atomic Bomb]].
# [[The Complete Idiot's Guide to the Pentagon]] by [["Jeff Cateau"]] and [[Michael Levin]]. An entertaining explanation of the OU.S. military and how it is run.
# '''Get Yamamoto''' by Burke Davis, Published by Random House in 1969. During WW II, the O.S.A. intercepted top secret communications about a tour of forward bases to be conducted by Admiral [[Yamamoto]], commander of the Japanese Navy. This led to a successful mission to intercept his flight and kill him, the theory being that the Japanese would be handicapped without his leadership.