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Etiqueta: Entrega de mensaxes en masa
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== Wikidata weekly summary #451 ==
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<div style="margin-top:10px; padding-left:5px; font-family:Georgia, Palatino, Palatino Linotype, Times, Times New Roman, serif;">''Here's your quick overview of what has been happening around Wikidata over the last week.''</div>
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* '''Discussions'''
** Open request for adminship: [[d:Wikidata:Requests for permissions/Administrator/Alphama|Alphama]] (RfP scheduled to end after 24 January 2021 15:12 (UTC))
** Other: Wikidata will be one of the communities involved in the [[Wikidata:Universal Code of Conduct consultation|Phase 2 of the Universal Code of Conduct consultation]]. Have your say at the [[d:Wikidata talk:Universal Code of Conduct consultation|consultation talk page]] or get in contact with the UCoC facilitator, [[d:User:Sannita (WMF)|User:Sannita (WMF)]].
* '''[[d:Special:MyLanguage/Wikidata:Events|Events]]'''
** Upcoming: Wikidata+Wikibase office hour, Thursday, January 21st, at [https://zonestamp.toolforge.org/1611248407 17:00 UTC (18:00 Berlin time)], on [https://t.me/joinchat/IeCRo0j5Uag1qR4Tk8Ftsg Telegram]
** Upcoming video: LIVE Wikidata editing #28 - [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vwXDopevwLM YouTube], [https://www.facebook.com/groups/WikidataCommunity/permalink/2872037973081361/ Facebook], 23 January
** Upcoming: [[d:Wikidata:Events/Swedish_online_editathon#Träff_#46|Online Wikidata meetup in Swedish #46]], January 24
* '''[[d:Special:MyLanguage/Wikidata:Press coverage|Press, articles, blog posts, videos]]'''
** Blogpost: [https://diff.wikimedia.org/2021/01/14/automatically-maintained-citations-with-wikidata-and-cite-q/ Automatically maintained citations with Wikidata and Cite Q], by Mike Peel and Andy Mabbett.
** Video: Wikidata editing #27: #Wikipedia20 - [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BvZ5gZlu_MI YouTube], [https://www.facebook.com/groups/WikidataCommunity/permalink/2872037973081361 Facebook]
** Video: Dealing with more than one date value in Wikidata (using preferential rank) - [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0r5L2bwhyxs YouTube]
* '''Tool of the week'''
** [[d:User:Lagewi/navigation.js|User:Lagewi/navigation.js]] userscript enables adding links to list subclasses and instances to Wikidata items.
* '''Other Noteworthy Stuff'''
** [[d:Wikidata_talk:Lexicographical_data#New_dashboard_for_lexicographical_data_statistics|New dashboard for lexicographical data statistics]]: [https://grafana.wikimedia.org/d/UHV96YJGk/wikidata-datamodel-lexemes Wikidata Datamodel Lexemes]
** The Wikidata Analytics dashboards are now available at a new URL: https://wikidata-analytics.wmcloud.org/ ([https://lists.wikimedia.org/pipermail/wikidata/2021-January/014453.html announcement])
* '''Did you know?'''
** Newest [[d:Special:ListProperties|properties]]:
*** General datatypes: [[:d:Property:P9052|date canceled]], [[:d:Property:P9059|subdivision of this unit]]
*** External identifiers: [[:d:Property:P9049|dati.beniculturali.it agent ID]], [[:d:Property:P9050|dati.beniculturali.it site ID]], [[:d:Property:P9051|dati.beniculturali.it cultural heritage ID]], [[:d:Property:P9053|Projecto Vercial author ID]], [[:d:Property:P9054|National Historic People ID]], [[:d:Property:P9055|Olympedia event ID]], [[:d:Property:P9056|TheCocktailDB drink ID]], [[:d:Property:P9057|TheCocktailDB ingredient ID]], [[:d:Property:P9058|Fichier des personnes décédées ID]], [[:d:Property:P9060|POSIX locale identifier]], [[:d:Property:P9061|National Museum in Warsaw ID]]
** New [[d:Special:MyLanguage/Wikidata:Property proposal|property proposals]] to review:
*** General datatypes: [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/shadows|shadows]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/Sacrament conferred by|Sacrament conferred by]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/logo image within scope|logo image within scope]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/BAMID film rating|BAMID film rating]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/ABC News Topic|ABC News Topic]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/number of rooms to rent|number of rooms to rent]]
*** External identifiers: [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/Portal da Literatura author ID|Portal da Literatura author ID]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/Base de Dados de Autores Portugueses ID|Base de Dados de Autores Portugueses ID]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/Parabola package|Parabola package]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/JAANUS ID|JAANUS ID]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/Studio di Fonologia Musicale RAI person ID|Studio di Fonologia Musicale RAI person ID]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/BiblioLMC ID|BiblioLMC ID]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/Le Lettere di Theodor Mommsen agli Italiani ID|Le Lettere di Theodor Mommsen agli Italiani ID]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/StrategyWiki page|StrategyWiki page]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/Encyclopedia of Brno Object ID|Encyclopedia of Brno Object ID]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/Holocaust.cz ID|Holocaust.cz ID]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/Australian Fungi ID|Australian Fungi ID]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/DeCS ID|DeCS ID]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/Australian Lichen ID|Australian Lichen ID]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/KBR Catalogue ID|KBR Catalogue ID]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/Enciclopedia del Museo del Prado ID|Enciclopedia del Museo del Prado ID]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/The Language Council of Norway Term ID|The Language Council of Norway Term ID]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/Red Cross FDRS ID|Red Cross FDRS ID]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/Xinjiang Data Project identifier|Xinjiang Data Project identifier]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/SISSCO ID|SISSCO ID]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/SEARCH on line catalogue ID|SEARCH on line catalogue ID]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/45cat release ID|45cat release ID]], [[:d:Wikidata:Property proposal/Aracne author ID|Aracne author ID]]
** Query examples:
*** [https://w.wiki/u4G Red Cross and Red Crescent societies]
***[https://w.wiki/so2 The people of the government of Bangladesh on 13 January 2005] ([https://twitter.com/wikidatabangla/status/1349234726188445697 Source])
***[https://w.wiki/u95 Buildings in the Basque Country dedicated to San Roque] ([https://twitter.com/theklanB/status/1349061129033687040 Source])
***[https://w.wiki/snb List of words for "beard" in Eighth Schedule languages] ([https://twitter.com/wikidataindia/status/1349597113785724935 Source])
***[https://w.wiki/t6D Map of train services starting at Howrah station] ([https://twitter.com/wikidatabangla/status/1349597111344574466 Source])
***[https://w.wiki/jHD Map of big sculptures of New Zealand] ([https://twitter.com/KnitMeAThneed/status/1350666389057536000 Source])
***[https://w.wiki/so5 Map of mosques in Bangladesh according to architectural style] ([https://twitter.com/wikidatabangla/status/1348872336166977536 Source])
***[https://w.wiki/u5T UK deaths per month since 2005 split by sex/gender] ([https://twitter.com/piecesofuk/status/1348962318009425920 Source])
***[https://w.wiki/sTY Timeline of Indian cricket tours abroad] ([https://twitter.com/wikidataindia/status/1348872337660157953 Source])
***[https://w.wiki/tzW Timeline of inception of Mexican universities] ([https://twitter.com/Wikimedia_mx/status/1349852362748387329 Source])
***[https://w.wiki/rp7 Mangifera species and mango cultivars] ([https://twitter.com/wikidataid/status/1350035003736944642 Source])
***[https://w.wiki/uhY Locations where The Antartic Circumpolar Voyage expedition passed] ([https://twitter.com/Tagishsimon/status/1350934420178542593 Source)]
***[https://w.wiki/uKv English Language forms missing an audio pronunciation] -- you can contribute via [[lingualibre:LinguaLibre:About|LinguaLibre]]
** Newest [[d:Special:MyLanguage/Wikidata:WikiProjects|WikiProjects]]:
***[[d:Wikidata:WikiProject Greek War of Independence|WikiProject Greek War of Independence]], development of content relative to the {{Q|182062}} (this year is the 200th anniversary, from its beginning in 1821)
* '''Development'''
** Continued working on the Query Builder. We continued to set up tracking for the number of queries that result in an error, timeout, etc. ([[phab:T269224]]). We als made it possible to query for Item values ([[phab:T268814]]). You can always try the current state on the [https://query-builder-test.toolforge.org/ test system].
** Finished fixing an issue with whitespace being stripped while typing when editing Lexemes ([[phab:T250550]])
** Worked on no error being shown when trying to save Lemma with invalid language code ([[phab:T265783]])
** Working on using Special:MyLanguage feature for more links in the Wikidata Query Service interface to redirect people to documentation in their language ([[phab:T267656]])
** Continued interviewing people to better understand how to best compare Wikidata's data against other databases in order to find mismatches that need the editors' attention
[[phab:maniphest/query/4RotIcw5oINo/#R|You can see all open tickets related to Wikidata here]]. If you want to help, you can also have a look at [https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/project/board/71/query/zfiRgTnZF7zu/?filter=zfiRgTnZF7zu&order=priority the tasks needing a volunteer].
* '''Monthly Tasks'''
** Add labels, in your own language(s), for the new properties listed above.
** Comment on property proposals: [[d:Wikidata:Property proposal/Overview|all open proposals]]
** Contribute to a [[d:Special:MyLanguage/Wikidata:Showcase items|Showcase item]].
** Help [[d:Special:LanguageStats|translate]] or proofread the interface and documentation pages, in your own language!
** [[d:User:Pasleim/projectmerge|Help merge identical items]] across Wikimedia projects.
** Help [[d:Wikidata:Status updates/Next|write the next summary!]]
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