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Your account will be renamed
(Your account will be renamed)
¡Hola! Con esti mensaxe quiero informate de que vengo d'entamar una '''[[Uiquipedia:Votaciones#Cambiu de nome de los proyectos wiki n'asturianu|votación pa cambiar y correxir los nomes de los proyectos wiki n'asturianu]]'''. Hai trenta díes, hasta'l 24 de xunu d'esti añu pa votar. Les razones y xustificaciones puedes lleeles nel [[Uiquipedia:Chigre#Propuesta (segunda vegada) de cambiu de nome de los proyectos wiki n’asturianu|chigre]]; por favor, lleiles enantes de tomar una decisión. Pido la to colaboración y el to votu, seya'l que seya. Munches gracies.--'''[[Usuariu:Etienfr|<font color="#6b5a40">etienfr</font>]]''' ''[[Usuariu alderique:Etienfr|<font color="#6b5a40">(¡Vamos parolar!)</font>]]'' 07:56, 25 mayu 2014 (UTC)
== Your account will be renamed ==
<div class="plainlinks mw-content-ltr" lang="en" dir="ltr">
The developer team at Wikimedia is making some changes to how accounts work, as part of our on-going efforts to provide new and better tools for our users like cross-wiki notifications. These changes will mean you have the same account name everywhere. This will let us give you new features that will help you edit and discuss better, and allow more flexible user permissions for tools. One of the side-effects of this is that user accounts will now have to be unique across all 900 Wikimedia wikis. See [[m:Special:MyLanguage/Single User Login finalisation announcement|the announcement]] for more information.
Unfortunately, your account clashes with another account also called Chabi1. To make sure that both of you can use all Wikimedia projects in future, we have reserved the name Chabi1~astwiki that only you will have. If you like it, you don't have to do anything. If you do not like it, you can [[Special:GlobalRenameRequest|pick out a different name]].
Your account will still work as before, and you will be credited for all your edits made so far, but you will have to use the new account name when you log in.
Sorry for the inconvenience.
Yours,<br />[[m:User:Keegan (WMF)|Keegan Peterzell]]<br />Community Liaison, Wikimedia Foundation
</div> 18:57, 17 marzu 2015 (UTC)
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