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== Your bureaucrat flag ==
Hello. Being a bureaucrat means responsibility, not honorary title, and may no longer rename users. Would you please reconsider being a bureaucrat at xx.wikxxxxhere? You have no logged bureaucrat action after 2013-06-15.--[[Usuariu:Jusjih|Jusjih]] ([[Usuariu alderique:Jusjih|alderique]]) 00:34, 25 marzu 2015 (UTC)
:To quit your bureaucrat flag, please post a notice at the bottom of [[m:Permissions#Removal_of_access]]. Only because we steward would have to ask local bureaucrat first before adding bots or administrators would I ask about your bureaucrat activity. You will still be welcome to continue your administrator flag, and I did quit several bureaucrat flags on several wikis as I considered them no longer needed. Thanks.--[[Usuariu:Jusjih|Jusjih]] ([[Usuariu alderique:Jusjih|alderique]]) 00:52, 29 marzu 2015 (UTC)