Hola usuariu. Encametámoste a rexistrate. Ye un procesu rápidu, y d'esti mou podemos dirixinos a ti. Un saludu. --Astur (alderique) 10:09 24 pay 2015 (UTC)

Hello Astur, will you be so kind to translate it in German or English? Thanks and regards -- 10:16 24 pay 2015 (UTC)
Of course, i ask you to register with an username. This way, we can talk with you. Your contributions are apreciated, but you are redirecting pages that aren't necessarys, because no page is linked with the redirection page. As example: there aren't articles that link with Rōma, so i don't think it's necesary to redirect Rōma to Roma. The same for: Cella..lucis ;) By other side, there are pages linking to Eucarionte, so in this case, the redirect to Eucariota is necessary. ;) --Astur (alderique) 11:20 24 pay 2015 (UTC)
Hi again. I'll try to fix the template for El Cairo. But i'm afraid that you are still redirecting pages needlessly. There's no page named Anatomē in Asturian wikipedia [1] so is not needed to redirect it. Redirections are only needed if a page is pointing to a wrong article, and redirects fixes and point this page to the correct article. If you find a red link and you think this link should point to an article, then yes, do it. But it has no sense create redirections without a previous red or wrong link. I think i should ask you please to stop this kind of redirections ;) It's better if you correct or fix typos, links or templates. Your contributions are really apreciated. Regards --Astur (alderique) 14:18 24 pay 2015 (UTC)
Do I understand right: No other languages redirect! Neither Latin and Greek? And what's the matter with the language from an article p.e. of Germany, USA or others and their languages? I think, here's correct than to redirect or? Thanks for answering and regards -- 18:44 24 pay 2015 (UTC)
I think too, pupils, students, doctors, pharmacist and so on will be glad to find with one click the informations also in your WP immediately...What do you think about my meaning? Thanks again and regards -- 18:59 24 pay 2015 (UTC)

Please, stop creating useless redirectionsEditar

Hi, anonymous user. I've just blocked you for a short period to ask you to just stop adding redirections in languages different of Asturian. We highly appreciate your interest but, please, note that links in different languages are better managed through interwikis, and it's not very likely that someone search for a Turkish word in Asturian Wikipedia. Regards. --Oriciu (alderique) 23:25 24 pay 2015 (UTC)

Hi Oriciu, please will you be so kind, to read the two last sets in above and can you answer me, what I do wrong. What of them ist allowed? Thanks and regards -- 07:00 25 pay 2015 (UTC)
Another question: Why have you redirected Cadarma humana to a red name? -- 07:22 25 pay 2015 (UTC)
Actually, I did read the previous sets before writing myself so my previous statement is still valid: links in languages different from Asturian (with very few exceptions) belongs in Wikidata, and are more useful there.
The answer to your second question is that I didn't made a red link, I just restored an edition deleted by myself after knowing the reason to create such link: The missing article will be created shortly by an authorized translation bot which is working now in astwiki (as you probably have noticed.
That said, please, don't take this messages as if your work is not appreciated here, it's just that, almost certainly, it won't be used if you put it in astwiki. Regards. --Oriciu (alderique) 03:45 27 pay 2015 (UTC)

Your IP has been blockedEditar

Dear anonymous user: your IP has been blocked to avoid your (hopefully unintended) disruption in astwiki. Alphabetical sort in articles without a minimal knowledge of Asturian language causes glitches such as getting a demonstration before the hypothesis and thesis. Please, find a way to help in Wikipedia without causing disruptions. --Oriciu (alderique) 15:37 27 pay 2015 (UTC)

Thank you very much and be happy for doing it...-- 23:01 27 pay 2015 (UTC)
No, I'm not happy, I still think that your help is valuable for the whole Wikipedia. But, please, understand that editing articles in a language that you don't know causes problems, and someone has to fix that later. I'm sorry for the block, I wish you had stopped with the previous warnings to discuss some different ways to help, but there was not another way to stop you harming astwiki. Regards. --Oriciu (alderique) 03:30 28 pay 2015 (UTC)

Esta ye la páxina d'alderique pa un usuariu anónimu qu'inda nun creó una cuenta o que nun la usa. Pola mor d'ello ha usase la direición numbérica IP como identificación. Tala IP pué compartise por dellos usuarios. Si yes un usuariu anónimu y notes qu'hai comentarios ensin relevancia dirixíos pa ti, por favor crea una cuenta o anicia sesión pa torgar futures confusiones con otros usuarios anónimos.