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Thanks, Riemogerz. Please, note that instructions on top of that page states that you must put your request on top of the list. Also, I remember you that your bot has now 14 days of testing, and after that, another 14 days for voting, so if it has positive votes, your bot will gain status bot on June 25th. Regards --Esbardu (alderique) 16:00, 29 mayu 2012 (UTC)

You only have to use the bot with several contributions so we can check its functionality. And then yuo only have to wait until de votation period expires ;) --Esbardu (alderique) 16:29, 29 mayu 2012 (UTC)
No, you don't need to work every day, only some contributions (I think up to 50-100 it's enough) showing the work your bot will do here. After tha 14 days of testing (this means that you can have your contribs within the fourteen days, not that you must do contribs every day) we'll vote. Thanks for your interest! --Esbardu (alderique) 16:52, 29 mayu 2012 (UTC)